The McKills

In the late 1930's the McKill Family of Back Woods Tennessee was accused of attacking people as they escaped the dust bowl.  Victims were kidnapped and taken back to the house... a coven of death, fear and torture.  After the killers' identities were discovered, the locals resorted to revenge, burning the house and all inside.  Several of the McKill Family escaped into the woods, never to be seen again  ... UNTIL NOW! It is rumored that a few of the McKills fled to the Panhandle of Texas where their ancestors still reside.  Now you will fall prey to the McKill's pure EVIL, INHUMANITY, INSANITY and that is only the downstairs… Just wait till you face what's in the attic... You too will fall victim to the 7th Street Massacre.

Currently the new generation of the McKills were discovered at their old hangout (7th Street Massacre).  They relocated to an abandoned building in downtown Amarillo that once was an Insane Asylum. The McKillin Insane Asylum was built in the early 1900s as a refuge and treatment facility for the mentally unstable. In 1930, the building was bought out by an anonymous buyer, and a new staff was hired. The new staff used experimental treatments and alternative methods to treat the sick patients. After discovering a secret too nasty for even the McKills (click here), they commandeered an old theater on 6th street. Here, they have been cooking up a midnight show like you have never experienced... but you will! Maybe you'll survive...



Text "haunt" to 77948 for an instant coupon to be sent to your phone!


First 13 people each night get in for $10! (You must ask for discount)


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